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Brittnay Season 3 by shaolinfan1
Brittnay Season 3
And my muse said "Let there be fanart!"

Brittnay Matthews from Most Popular Girls in School, or MPGIS for short. 

Sorry about the Mature Content, but you just can't be too careful ;w; That, and I don't want to spoil too much on the new peeps in the fandom uwu

In case you were wondering, MPGIS is an awesome series with... Creative languages. Go check it out if you want~ (Though it should be for PG15, I think .w."")

~~~Spoilers Aheeeeead~~~</i>
Omfg guys, the Season 3 finale tho. wtf Mackenzie would do such a plan?!! GEEZ, and they say Jenna's the psychopath >.> Can't wait for Brittnay's plan of action in the next season uuuuuuuuuugh ;w;
~~~End of Spoilers uwu~~~</i>

Brittnay Matthews, and MPGIS (c) Mark Cope, Carlo Moss and Lily Vonnegut
PKMNRainbow Character Card: Avery and Grill by shaolinfan1
PKMNRainbow Character Card: Avery and Grill
Name: Avery Erin O'Connel
Age: 10
Birth date: August 21
Birthplace: Shalour City, Kalos Region
Residence: Currently just boarded off the S.S. Misty
Height: 4'6" ft. (138.4 cm.)
Weight: 71 lbs. (32 kgs.)
Key Family/ Relatives: TBA
Key Friends/Enemies: N/A
Skills: Amazing singer, and plays the electric piano fairly well
Phobias/ Fears: To have his future already planned over (especially by his father), to have the O'Connel name define him, and also has a slightly irrational fear of oceans and/or swimming
Bad Habits/ Vices: Stubborn, rash, reckless, rebellious, has few manners and not-so-good morals and picks fights easily (Though sadly he loves doing that)
Good habits/ Quirks: Strong-willed, caring to the ones he knows and love, and passionate in battle, either with Pokemon or without
Favorites (food, clothing, time of year, etc.): pants (clothing), spring (season), steak and mashed potatoes (meal), rosemary (seasoning), hat (accessory), red fuji apple (fruit), purple (color), Everyday Superhero by Smash Mouth (song)
Other Important Details: Aspires to fight professionally, he can't (and will not) swim, his preferred career is to be a Gym Leader, most likely take over the Shalour City Gym when Korrina retires, and he chooses his uncle over his own father as a father figure.

Not much is known of Avery (Or at least what he wants anybody to know), except that his family used to reside in Shalour City but he decided to start off his adventure to more than the Kalos region, thus ventured off from there and towards the Rainbow Region, where he is currently departing from the S.S. Misty with his Growlithe, Grill, beside him.

Pokemon Team: 
Grill (Growlithe) - Given by his mother as a gift on his birthday. Loves his Jigglypuff squeaky toy (which Avery keeps in his bag) and is Avery's best friend so far, thus he rarely keeps him in his Pokeball. He also uses him as a makeshift pillow at times when they travel on the road.

RP Sample:
Avery: *leaning on a tree, looking around boredly as he takes a bite of his apple* Hm...? Oh yo, didn't see ye there. *swallows his bite* Now what do ye want? 'Cause I don't bloody buy raffle tickets... What? Name? Well, *takes another bite* What's it to ya, wanker? Now sod off before Grill bites off that annoying face of yours.

Grill: Arf~? o w o *wags his tail happily, his tongue hanging out cutely as he stares blankly into space*

Avery: ... *stares blankly at his companion* ... Ye disappoint me, Grill.

Uuuuuugh my bbies ;w; Anyways, app for :iconpokemonrainbow: Omfg I just hope Avery's gonna make it in ( ; 3 ; )
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Kill la Kill theme song
  • Reading: RP logs * w *
  • Watching: Kill la Kill~
  • Playing: Pokemon Showdown
  • Eating: Rice balls! 8D
  • Drinking: Hot coco. Mmmm~ = w =
Geez, I need to take up Comissioning 101 = _ =" Anyways, As you are all aware (I dunno who "you" are), I have a little commission starting up, and, I have to say it started off badly...? At least for me, that is. I just realized that 1 DA point was equal to 80-100 points. So, in short, I've been selling fully coloured commissions for like 50 cents orz Blargh.

So, learning my lesson, I'm raising it up just to not underprice myself. (Watercolour isn't cheap, you know! ;P) Also, I'm gonna use the Slots method!

Here's the jist: In this journal is a list of slots that I'll be putting up. The slots will be for fully-coloured commissions. Whether they are full body, bust, or just above the waist is up to the commissionee. However, I can decline commissions that will taint my poor innocent drawing hands~ (i.e. Full nudity, sexual themes, gore, etc.) The commission will be 1 character at base point (Which is 90). Extra characters will lost 20 more points, and background costs 30. (Sorry, backgrounds are like murder for me. orz) First come first serve basis :aww:

Here's the list:

1. :iconelderxchildx6: 150:points:





Sorry if it's just five slots, but I gotta keep it to a minimum. (Plus idk if anybody would commission from me... //shutupyoualreadyhad4)

Journal History


shaolinfan1 has started a donation pool!
10 / 1,000
As of now, commissions are closed, but don't worry! As soon as I finish this batch, 5 slots will be available :)

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Hey,guys! So you wanna know more about me,huh?Well,I'm never gonna tell my name,so... call me Shao.

I like anime,DC and Marvel comics,Snafu comics, Bakuman and The World God Only Knows. Look it up.

I'll admit,I'm an otaku,yes,but not one of those ninny twit fangirls that make thousands of OCs just to be part of a popular show/comic/movie...

Biking,Swimming and going I got a thing for furries,okay?(and I also got a craving for playing its games...)My name in that site is Genran47.

Show: Shaolin WuZang
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