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[SOS] COLIN (Kwan Shin Park) by shaolinfan1
[SOS] COLIN (Kwan Shin Park)

"Wish when you get the chance!"

Full Name: Kwan Shin Park
Stage Name: Colin [Stylized as COL;N]
Gender: Male
Age | D.o.B: 18 [May 10, 1997]
Height | Weight: 5'6"
Blood Type: B+
Languages: Korean | English | Basic Chinese :'D


Complex | Dominating | Emotional | Aloof | Calm | Passionate | Charismatic

        Marketed as the "cool and mysterious" man based off the songs he wrote, Kwan's persona is mostly centered around edgy and/or dark themes. It doesn't put him off though, as he does admit to pulling off a serious face when he sings. Nevertheless, he does try his best to live up to that image despite having his normal personality showing off sometimes when it comes to fansignings, meet-and-greets and the like. 


Good Traits
Humorous | Optimistic | Passionate | Friendly | Calm | Easy-going | Trusting
Bad Traits
Cluttered | Dependent | Airy | Wishful | Casual | Self-conscious 

        Kwan is a bit of an introvert at first, so don't be shy when you talk to him. Once you do, you get to see how bright he is when it comes to talking. He's very humorous, so he tends to end up entertaining instead of just talking, he sees the world full of hope, so he's very optimistic and is very passionate about things he's really into, but he won't be so loud or pushy about them, since he's very calm and easy going to talk to.

Band: Main Male Vocalist of CLOUD IX
Position: Vocals [Singing VoiceTalking Voice]
Why I joined S.O.S: He wanted to have at least some of his songs be heard. A lot of the songs he heard as a child made him feel hopeful, and he hopes that his songs will give that feeling to other people as well. 

  • Ocean
  • Exotic animals (Especially hedgehogs)
  • Lighthearted jokes/pranks
  • Songwriting 
  • Making cutesy wishes (birthday wish, 11:11, coin fountain wishes, etc.)
  • Chewy sweets (Caramel, gummy bears, etc.)
  • Sending/Receiving email from his family
  • How low his self esteem is to showing his songs
  • Someone reprimanding him on his wishing habit
  • His glasses (He just wears it when it's absolutely necessary)
  • His first idea for a stage name (Only a few people know this huehuehue~)
  • Tripping on loose shoelaces (It happens a lot lel)
  • Sour gummy worms
  • Songwriter's block


         Kwan was the slightly less noticed child. Being the second-born, he had a bit more freedom than his older sister, whom is the supposed heiress to their father's business. They rarely talked, so he and her sister have a small relationship. Kwan didn't mind though, for his mother and father were still kind to him, especially his mother.
         That is until their mother got diagnosed for cancer and had to be admitted in a hospital. But Kwan still visited her as much as he can, heading to the hospital straight after his school. To cope with the small chance that his mother might be dying, his mother thought it was best for him to make wish stars while he's there. Every time after Kwan's done with schoolwork the two of them would make wish stars and put them in small jars, up until they made enough to fill up two, one for the both of them. His father didn't take the "illusion" of the wishes lightly, fearing that it might give Kwan too much hope, unable to see what will become of his mother. But even without the wish stars, he still became the ray of sunshine that he always is and tried to keep himself busy when his mother was too weak to play with him.
         Whenever that has happened he will have sang to her, much to her mother's delight. Since then Kwan sang to her many times, with new songs in plan just for her so that not one time that he sings will be too dull for her or too repetitive. He even asked his sister for help at times, especially when it comes to melody, as she played the piano just enough to help Kwan with the songs.
Soon after, Kwan's mother's time is almost up. During one of his visits a sudden pain went through his mother. The nurses and doctor rushed in, his father pulling Kwan back as his sister shielded his eyes. He didn't know what was happening, but he still held to his jar tightly, wishing, and hoping for a miracle.
         And, lo and behold, his mother turned out fine. Later over the months his mother became a cancer survivor, alive and well and passed the expectations of what the doctors assumed. This greatly affected Kwan, but not traumatically. From then on he became more hopeful, and more optimistic, especially towards wishing than before.
         As the years go by his fascination in singing and songwriting grew, which was from the memories of him singing to his mother when she had cancer. Even though he does do a decent time writing songs constantly, he has a bit of shyness to showing them, singing a few just for his mother. Then when new came that SOS was opening after the Great KPOP Depression, his mother had an idea of him being a part of SOS's project, and so he did, his eyes beaming in excitement. After months of practicing and self training while waiting for the company's reply, he was accepted in it, winning over the company with his voice and small talent in writing. 

N/A (Might open up a Google doc for that lel)

Relationship status: Single cinnamon roll

Ideal Type: COL;N:"Oh, probably a girl who can sing well! Maybe they can help me with my songs like my sister did, haha~~"

Do you have anyone in mind?: COL;N:"No, but hopefully some of the girls I work with will be pretty and nice as I wish them to be~"

Fun Facts:
  • He doesn't know why, but his shoes are usually untied without him noticing for a long time. The same goes for loose shirts that have parts not tucked. (Which is why in his MVs and Live Performances he's usually in boots and tight shirts or jackets.)
  • He's allergic to shrimp. (It makes his tongue itch BADLY and gives him a hard time singing.)
  • You know you're on Kwan's good side when he starts making puns most of the time, more specifically around his stage name.
  • He has a small jar of sweets that keeps around whenever he takes breaks. He usually hides it in the most unusual places whenever he's there for the stage rehearsals (Behind speakers, under a certain space of the stage, under a part of the stage where he's supposed to stand, etc.). Though if he's just chilling at his dorm, it's just there on his vanity.
  • He rarely misses the 11:11 wish and takes every chance he gets to wish it, and when he does need to sleep early, he finishes his wish before heading to bed. And yes, his usual sleep time is 11:12.
  • When you're on a park walk or something like that with Kwan, just pray to the universe that he won't notice a fountain, because he will stop by there and take out a coin to make a wish. It might take a while, since he usually thinks really hard when it comes to fountain wishes.
[ Roleplaying details ] I usually RP in Skype or in notes, but I might open up a Twitter account just for this groupin the future~ Anyway, if you wanna RP, just hit me up in notes and then we can RP and chill = w =b

Popularity: Trainee
Fan Count: 0 Fans
[SS] She's Gonna Cast a Spell on You by shaolinfan1
[SS] She's Gonna Cast a Spell on You
Ayyyyyyye Imma make this desc. pretty! 8D

Anywho, yes, that is Ness, and yes, she did dye her hair for this xD (Expect her to wear a hat in some future art lel) 
Now what is she, exactly? Well, after binge watching with her sister on some tv show about a dog and some meddling kids, there's one certain band from it that caught her eye

And thus, HexaNess is born! 

....... Long story short, she's a witch-vampire = w =
[SS] Ness's Intro Meme by shaolinfan1
[SS] Ness's Intro Meme
Since I am a very very VERY detailed person when it comes to what I usually do, I figured the intro meme will be better with a more cartoonish style :'DDD
I had uber fun with this, especially with Ness's hair. Trying to make it a different 'do in each panel was pretty awesome to do :D

Anywho, enjoy~

EDIT: omg I'm sorry but I forgot Trevor's adorabu freckles. HOW CAN I FORGET SOMETHING SO ESSENTIAL?!!! D8

Trevor Dawn (c) Razor-Wings
Cerise Miette (c) Starumi
  • Mood: Shitty
  • Listening to: 8tracks a la Hetalia
  • Reading: Asks. Asks everywhere
  • Watching: Legend of Korra Season 4
  • Playing: DEADPOOOOOOL~
  • Eating: Rice balls! 8D
  • Drinking: Watuuuuur
idk, I'm going desperate here m8s. *sighs* Anyways, Imma go on and ask for ya'll peeps to go over and answer this survey if you can. It'll be a great help, you know.…

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